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The Pulse Glass Family strives to set the highest standards in service, innovation, quality, and commitment.


The Pulse Glass family, an up & coming force in the glass pipe industry since 2012, has been hand-blowing expertly crafted, scientific, high-end functional borosilicate glass art in beautiful Los Angeles, California with the sole mission to become the premier choice for providing you with the best-in-class smoking products and accessories.

The PG family enjoys showcasing the craftsmanship of our blowers by focusing the aesthetics on function, clarity, & a sophisticated balance of artistic flare. Pulse Glass strives to set the highest standards in service, quality, workmanship, & commitment to our customers. The gleam and shine of the real platinum labels we are known to use exclusively is impossible to go un-noticed. Why platinum? Because it is one of the rarest and least reactive metals naturally occurring. So the Platinum Standard was a natural choice in line with our design & production philosophy as well as the family’s standards of care & service.

We do hope you enjoy your Pulse piece and tell us about anything we can do improve it – after all, what’s life but a continuous adventure to discover what’s next? From our family to you… enjoy!

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