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Nevada Pure Cannabis Dispensary

10am – 8pm | 7 Days | (702) 444-4790

4380 Boulder HWY Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

NevadaPURE™ opened its doors in 2015. We provide customers with an unmatched cannabis product – grown in Nevada state-regulated facilities at indoor locations, using a customized process that combines food-grade nutrients and a top grade unique soil mix that brings out the plants’ best features.

We pay close attention to product cleanliness, quality, curing and processing. Our grow operations are not only environmentally friendly, but also ensure that all strains of NevadaPURE™ marijuana are grown in a strictly controlled atmosphere. We pride ourselves on becoming an industry pioneer. We are committed to the future of the regulated, legal cannabis industry.

NevadaPURE™ is a high quality full service medicinal marijuana dispensary providing patients high quality cannabis to treat their medical conditions. Our state of the art facility is located in the heart of Clark County Nevada and is comprised of enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff to make recommendations on what they believe to be the best medicine for your conditions.


NevadaPURE™ is a vertically integrated medical marijuana operation. We grow our marijuana via organic methods. Our dispensary opened its doors in November 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada. As a premier organization entering the cannabis industry we believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis. It is our top priority to provide patients with quality medication and services in a comfortable and accessible place to purchase medication from professional and courteous staff members.


Our organization mantra is that when properly regulated and operated; the medicinal properties of cannabis will gain increased support and research. Replacing a stigma with a positively recognized benefits, supporting patients, the community and government in showing that cannabis is much more important that people deem it to be. This new and upcoming industry will also generate new career opportunities including but not limited to the cannabis industry.


We call our company NevadaPURE™, because our name reflects the core and character of our business. We are a dynamic group of owners who have invested in making Nevada a better place to live over many years. Our owners are people who have fought for decades for social justice, helped to keep neighborhoods safe and secure, advocated for expanding the rights of the disadvantaged, represented progressive political candidates, worked with families to create meaningful personal events like weddings and birthdays, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in free printing for non-profit organizations and enforced regulatory schemes that prevented fraudulent practices. We want our company to be an active contributor to social causes that will enhance and improve the lives of the people of our community. We are proud to be more than ninety percent owned by Nevadans – so we are NevadaPURE™ through and through.


Our name also reflects the quality of our products. We want our product to be as PURE as possible. We want consumers to receive the maximum benefit of best marijuana strains available occurring naturally in a completely organic growing environment. Our elaborate and highly structured process was developed over 20 years by our highly trained top cultivators, who have stringent standards as to what will be sold to the public. Our top cultivators personally examine and inspect all plants on a regular basis throughout the entire growth and flowery process to assure the very best results. We use no commercial pesticides of any kind. Our fertilizers are natural occurring in the environment such as seaweed, algae, bat guano and Mykos. Naturally occurring Neem oil, Epson salts and just plain dish soap are used to stop pests and disease. All preparation products carry the OMRI seal for growing organically.

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