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Michele Fiore on Nevada Cannabis News 5-24-16

Michele Fiore on Nevada Cannabis News 5-24-16

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Tuesday 5-24-16 on World Wide Digital Broadcasting Corp 3-4pm


Michele is currently running for Congress District 3 – http://votefiore.com/

Me&mygirls2Assemblywoman Michele Fiore represents Clark County Assembly District 4 (Las Vegas) and was reelected to her 2nd term in 2014. Michele was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has lived in Nevada since 1993. The only child of a single mother, Michele was taught to be fiercely independent and to value hard work.

Michele was the only republican in the assembly last session to vote for SB374 without her vote it would not have passed.

Michele has over 24 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. She owns a company that deals with healthcare issues, providing care to the sick and elderly. Since 2003, she has created jobs for more than 1,800 Nevadans. As a CEO, she made decisions that impacted policies and procedures, and utilized a solution-focused approach to issues as they arose.

An ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, Michele has been interviewed on a range of subjects involving gun ownership and regulations, including school safety. She asserts that it takes a person, armed and trained, to use a gun to stop a gunman intent on doing harm to the public, and that the crime rate has gone down wherever people have been sufficiently armed to defend themselves. Her position on gun rights aligns with current Supreme Court interpretations, including the intent and purpose of the Founders’ words and writings on the subject.

Michele’s primary areas of interest are children, the elderly and animals:

“Any in need of help can depend on me to lend aid and protection. I will not tolerate the harm or exploitation of any one unable to defend themselves.”

Michele has volunteered thousands of hours to the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), responding to traumatic incidents impacting local citizens, and providing crisis intervention support to trauma victims and first responders. She sat on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Use of Force Board to ensure government accountability at every level.

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