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Blissful Vets on Nevada Cannabis News

Blissful Vets on Nevada Cannabis News


Between military hardship and reintegration to society. Our military veterans nationwide are suffering from opioid dependency and PTSD. They are plagued by critical conditions due to residual outcomes of usage and trauma from their military service. Decades of information have proven that THC and CBD in medical marijuana have helped or even prevent these issues. At BlissfulVets, they educate our local veterans and advocate for those using medical cannabis in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Founder Cristina Alfonso-Zea is an OEF Veteran, who has a life long passion to helping our veteran community. Serving in the U.S Army as a Signal Communication Specialist she has felt first hand the hardship of transitioning. From combat to veteran and from veteran to homeless ….and BACK. She is committed to making a difference so that no veteran is left behind.

 “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself” – Bob Marley

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